Healthy Bodies!

The butterflies are learning all about how to keep our bodies healthy as well as how our bodies work.  Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks, enjoy!

 As Gavin and Lucy work hard on their body books Logan photo bombs their hard work 🙂

Harland is excited to learn about his nervous system!

Ian, August, Johnny, Brooklyn, and Gunnar add bones to their bodies to give them shape!

Germs! The students had fun putting their germs on a piece of bread and apple.  We are storing these in a baggie to see what happens when we do not wash our hands or cover our mouths when we sneeze.

Blood-August and Ian learn about the different parts of the blood and explored them in our sensory table.

The digestive system- Students got to see first hand the basic concept of how our digestive system works starting from chewing our food!