Tuition and Fees

  • As part of our Tuition Management Program, Pope John XXIII has partnered with FACTS Tuition.

    All Pope John XXIII families are required to enroll with FACTS. Facts Tuition provides our families with yearly, monthly, or quarterly invoices via email or through the U.S. Postal Service.

    Tuition and incidental fee payments are forwarded to FACTS.

    Pope John XXIII strongly encourages our families to enroll in an automatic payment plan through FACTS.

    In addition to making payments through an automatic payment plan with FACTS, our families have several additional payment options. They can make their payments online, or send their payments directly to FACTS via U.S. Mail using a check, money order, or credit card.**

    ** If you wish to make a tuition or a daycare payment to FACTS via credit card, please call FACTS at 1-800-233-1096. A convenience fee will be assessed.

    Enrollment process:
    Families can enroll with FACTS from the comfort of their home or office anytime. Sign up is easy, confidential, and secure. To register online, click here to go to the FACTS website, select new user, and follow the instructions.

    FACTS offers an additional Peace of Mind Insurance at time of enrollment. FACTS offers this optional benefit for $ 14.00 per year per family. In the event of the death of the responsible party or spouse, this benefit pays the remaining tuition balance owed for the current school year. Please note: This benefit applies to accounts that are paid to date.

    If you have any questions, please contact Rosemary Valdez at

    2018-19 Tuition PK
    2018-19 Tuition K-8th

  • Reduced tuition rates for students at Pope John XXIII School, are available to parents who are members of St. Mary’s or St. Nicholas parishes.

    Requisites for Parishioner Status: 1.    Regular and consistent participation in Sunday Mass throughout the year. 2.    Regular and consistent use of church offering envelopes throughout the year. 3.    Participation in parish life, e.g. activities, ministries, organizations, individual sharing of time and talents.

    The pastors of St. Mary’s and St. Nicholas Parishes established these requisites out of concern for our faith communities and for Pope John XXIII School. Regular participation in Sunday Mass and consistent support for our parishes through participation in the life of the parish and through financial contributions are ordinary expectations of parish members. As pastors, if we ask for anything less, we cannot fulfill our stewardship responsibilities to the parishes that support our school.

    The finance councils of our parishes have set as a goal for school families a $15.00 weekly contribution. Because of individual family financial circumstances, the amount may vary. Please feel free at any time to discuss this with your pastor.

    New school families must meet with their pastor before the school will be notified of their parishioner status.

  • Members of St. Nicholas and St. Mary’s Parishes are granted the parishioner tuition rate as long as they remain active members of their parish. This is determined by the pastors by regular attendance at church and through the use of church envelopes.

    The pastors will regularly review each parish family’s fulfillment of the requisites for continued parishioner status.

Financial/Aid Tuition Assistance
Tuition assistance, based on need, is available for current students first and then to new students. Funds for tuition awards are limited but come from a variety of sources:
  • Scholarthon
  • Kevin P. Griffin Memorial Fund Scholarship
  • Daniel E. Joyce Memorial Fund Scholarship
  • Joan Kelly Memorial Fund Scholarship
  • Janice Zulkey Honorary Fund Scholarship
  • Fr. Robert Oldershaw Honorary Fund Scholarship

Each of these scholarship awards is given for one year, and recipients can re-apply for consideration each year. Priority is given to current families for all financial assistance. Special consideration is given to Hispanic families for the Fr. Oldershaw Honorary Scholarship. To apply for financial aid, go to FACTS, tuition management company, online at, fill out the online form and send the verification documents by June 1st to be considered for tuition assistance. Click here to go to the FACTS website.