Preschool at Pope John XXIII

What makes our Preschool special?
Pope John XXIII Preschool is unique in many ways. We have our own early childhood center with six rooms in which the children transition to different learning centers throughout the day.

We believe that each child is unique and benefits from a positive environment. We believe in each child; we play each day; we care about each childʼs well-being; we learn many concepts through hands-on activities; we communicate regularly with parents regarding their childʼs development. Come visit us and see why our families choose Pope John XXIII! Call us for a tour of our early childhood center at 847-475-5678.

Our Preschool transitions into the regular K-8 school.

This gives us many advantages:

  1. Continuity of Curriculum – math program McGraw Hill from preschool to 6th grade; Balanced Reading approach using the Rowland Reading program for Preschool and Kindergarten.
  2. Continuity of philosophy of how children learn. Children learn through discovery, teacher instruction and from each other in a social context.
  3. Special classes with expertise of teachers – gym, music, computer, library.
  4. Foreign language instruction – French and Spanish
  5. Participate in special concerts, assemblies, and programs.
  6. Participate in the PJ Pal program where each younger child is matched up with an older child, meeting at least once month to do special activities together.