Discover Pope John XXIII

By the Numbers

Mary Miro

Pope John embraces diversity in a way many school do not. The culture at Pope John is welcoming of kids and families of all backgrounds, faith, and socioeconomic status.

Leslie Figler

We are very impressed with Pope John. Our daughter is doing well and has made many friends here. The academics are very good and I feel the kids are well prepared for high school. In short we feel the school has lived up to its reputation as a great school and are confident our daughter is getting an excellent education.

Kimberly Powers

We have loved the preschool this year ! For working parents in Evanston this is a great option instead of Day care. There is a 3 year old and 4 year old preschool option and there is aftercare until 6 pm. Today was the fun run and my little guy had so much fun this week with the pep rally and loved running !! There is something for everyone at this school. We are not catholic but still feel very welcomed to the community.