Elementary School

Elementary Grades

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Upper Elementary Grades

3rd-5th Grade
We believe that each child is unique and benefits from a positive environment. At Pope John XXIII School our focus is on the whole child and building a foundation that will support and encourage later learning in life.
Our goal in the early years of your child’s learning is to guide your child into becoming a confident learner through a balance of work and play.

We provide a challenging academic curriculum based on Common Core standards and that align with the Archdiocese of Chicago. Our teachers and staff design hands-on and engaging instruction that is differentiated for each child’s individual needs in the areas of mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, reading and religion.

To ensure success throughout your child’s school journey, the same curriculum is implemented for math and reading from Kindergarten-5th Grade. In reading and language arts we utilize Reading Street by Scott Foresman. In math we implement EnVision Math by Scott Foresman.

Each class participates in our weekly specials of Spanish, STEM, Music, Art and Gym. All students also enjoy the use of our library, computer lab and playground during daily recess. Students at this grade level also help prepare and lead our all school masses.

In 5th grade we begin to prepare the students for their middle school experience. Students begin to change classrooms to see other teachers, this gets them comfortable in switching periods and also strengthens their organizational skills. In 5th grade the students also receive their own Chromebook to work with at school.