Middle School

6th - 8th Grade

The goal of our middle school is to help our students form their own identities and to learn how to succeed in their upcoming high school years and beyond. We also challenge our students to become leaders and mentors for those around them.
In middle school, our students transition from a homeroom teacher to a departmentalized structure. Our Mathematics and English Literature courses are grouped by grade level ability as to meet the differentiated needs of each individual student. We offer honors programs in both subject areas. Our honors mathematics students attend the Geometry class at ETHS. We set our expectations high for our students and coursework is challenging. Our middle school faculty support these students as not only academic advisors, but also as mentors, helping our students reach personal, as well as their academic goals.

Our 6th grade students participate in our weekly specials of Spanish, French, Latin, STEM, Music, Art and Gym. All middle school students also enjoy the use of our library, computer lab and playground during daily recess. Students at this grade level also help prepare and lead our all school masses. These students also enjoy the use of our science lab where they participate in and design experiments.

Our 7th and 8th grade students are able to choose an elective period each day focusing on physical education, fine arts, music, dance, forgein language or their own interests. Pope John XXIII School is the only Catholic school in the Archdiocese that offers a Civics elective class.

8th Grade Parent

I thank you as well as the Pope John XXIII community for all your support. It is an island of excellence in a sea of mediocrity in so many ways.