Discover Pope John XXIII

Mission, Vision and History

Our mission is to provide an excellent Catholic education in a small, caring and diverse community.

A Long History in Catholic Education

Pope John XXIII School has a long history in Catholic education in Evanston dating back to 1886 with the establishment of St. Nicholas and St. Mary’s Schools. The original St. Nicholas School was in the building now called the Annex where Fr. Oldershaw Hall is located. The Annex at the present time holds the gym, computer lab, and the music room. The main school building was built in 1954. In 1986 the two schools, St. Mary’s and St. Nicholas consolidated and the new school was renamed Pope John XXIII. This consolidation is a success story for both parishes and for the Archdiocese.

Pope John XXIII School thrived and continued the heritage of academic excellence from St. Mary’s and St. Nicholas Schools. In 1998 the convent was converted to the Pope John XXIII Preschool. The preschool has grown from a modest enrollment of 17 students to over 30 students!

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide a solid educational foundation, develop the children’s talents, and prepare them for life with a sense of confidence, spiritual and moral values and a respect for the dignity of others. We are committed to the development of each student as a whole person, focusing on each child’s unique abilities, needs, talents and potential.

Our Catholic identity is manifested by daily prayer, monthly liturgies, daily religion instruction, and an emphasis on showing compassion, care, and respect for others throughout the whole day. The life of our patron, Saint Pope John XXIII, exemplifies the care, concern, open heartedness, understanding, and dedication that we strive to foster in our students.

Our school community is blessed with a wide diversity of cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, and economic backgrounds. Through the integration of academic excellence, the use of technology, and spiritual values, we prepare our students to take their place in society and the Church community as moral, responsible, and contributing citizens.
As a school, we are one link in the chain of Catholic education. We recognize that parents are the child’s primary teachers. We are pledged to aid our parents in the task of promoting their children’s total development: spiritual, emotional, academic, social, and physical.